hismagicviolin (hismagicviolin) wrote,

So life in the apartment is good. Very weird though. Last night Gooey and made some Mac and Cheese and drank some beer, sat in the kitchen. Then around midnight it was like "Well...I guess I'll go to bed..." Its just a little lonely right now. But Christina is going to come out Wednesday and we are going to get dinner, I miss her. And I don't have any time to go explore Astoria, or go to the park right near us, or go buy a dresser because I am working 7 days a week (And still only have 13 dollars in my account...Hm...). But I really do love the place, we have more furniture now. I got to sleep in today which was nice, but then we knows what we will do tonight. I think we're going to buy some weed, the delivery service around here is known as "The Presidents", we personally order from Kennedy, some choose to use Nixon or Carter. I think its funny. Haven't talked to Sean in a while. Looks like we're not going to get married and live happily ever after as I had previously thought. Humph.
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