hismagicviolin (hismagicviolin) wrote,

I wish my first post since arriving in Paris would be an excited and beautiful one but I am pretty sad today. Paris is hard. I know it will get easier but for the time being my french is terrible, I am having the worst time sleeping, I don't like anyone at school and I am really sick today. I had to leave the Museum we were at early because I just felt terrible.

On the flip side, Paris is beautiful. I had this image in my head of Paris and of my future apartment and of the cafes...and its exactly it. It is that beautiful and charming and historic. I could spend all day at the cafes; the cafes where all the chairs face the street so you can people watch from any seat. My family is really great. I pretty much come and go as I please and we have dinner together twice a week, very french - cheese and wine after dinner.

I'd rather not write about Paris when I am so sad - it doesn't deserve that, so I will wait till another day.
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