hismagicviolin (hismagicviolin) wrote,

Rough day.

First day of my one and only French University class, on the Renaissance. It was so over my head. I couldn't understand anything and all the sudden everyone was signing up for things and I blindly signed up to give a 20 minute presentation on a painting I don't know the name of or of the artist because I couldn't understand the professors accent. I felt like I was having a panic attack. I physically felt terrible and all I wanted to do was cry. Especially moreso after I went and spoke to my advisor at Reid Hall she said it was my fault because I didn't look at any other courses. And she is 100 % correct. I put all my eggs in this class's basket and now all the other classes have started and I can't switch.

She said my only other option was to speak to the director of the program about being excused from taking a university class. I would feel so terrible because its my fault that I would need to be excused and I would just feel really, really embaressed. I don't know why I just felt so incredibly overwhelmed and emotion, I was on the brink of tears the entire time speaking to her.

Section II of the class is tomorrow and if its anything like today I am just going to talk to the director. To make my day just a little shittier I get home host mom says that tonight is not a good night to have dinner, and she would rather switch it to Tuesdays. I said okay. But Tuesday was better for her because they had a whole bunch of people over tonight. Maybe they needed the extra chair.

Other than this hooplah Paris is getting easier. I love all of my classes at Reid Hall. And I am going to start doing research for the curator at the Met soon, which I am really looking forward to. I had a fun, crazy drunk weekend and met new friends.

I am going to go make some soup now, my family's guests fiiiinalllly left.
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